Malaysia’s Secret Weapon Against Nerve Discomfort
Experience Blessed Relief By Targeting The True Root Cause

Supports healthy nerve function so you can:

Soothe and relieve symptoms

Sleep through the night with ease

Move with more fluidity and energy


The Hidden Cause of Nerve Pain

Scientists have found that what seems to be the common root cause behind different types of nerve conditions is the over-expression of an enzyme they’re calling “MMP-13”. Normally dormant in our bodies, the pressures of modern day life (whether that be the Western Diet, Air Pollution or Chronic Stress) cause them to go haywire. This may result in the stabbing, burning, electric-shock like sensations that you’re probably all too used to by now.

Why Do Other Treatments Not Work?

Now it’s no secret that most solutions for nerve pain work on a very surface level. Rather than attacking the root cause they essentially just provide temporary relief of the symptoms. Not to mention that most prescribed medication can cause a whole host of side effects. And some store-bought products often result in itching, irregular heartbeats and chronic headaches. Not exactly ideal solutions!

Until now

Nerve Shield Plus May Have Finally Solved the Problem!

We’ve discovered a simple, natural way that may provide relief.

Our Thioctan root solution (with the help of our other natural ingredients) has been formulated to target the culprit of discomfort, MMP-13. This is the enzyme that a handful of experts believe is the reason behind the constant tingling, stabbing and icy-hot sensations that have plagued you for months, if not years.

Fights The Aftermath of the MMP-13 Enzyme!

Just 2 capsules a day could support you in the journey towards healthier and happier life.

Ease Nerve Discomfort

This all-natural complex could provide folks with relief, finally. The nutrients inside may even help support healthy nerve function, and bring more joy to day to day life.

More Freedom

Rediscover more freedom haven’t felt in years. You’d be surprised at how much you’ve been having to restrict your body’s movements without even realizing it. Rediscover the pleasure of a long walk or a nice stretch after a long day without any of the problems.

Sleep Better

A well-rested you means a more energized you – so you’ll be able to go back to living your life on your terms, without being constantly reined in by exhaustion and pain.

More Confidence, Better Mood

More often than not, your mood is reflective of your internal health – after all, who can blame you for feeling down and defeated when you’re always in pain! When you don’t have to plan your day around worrying about what’s going to hurt, you’re able to focus on the good things in life, and find joy in the pleasure of feeling great.

Keep Yourself Protected

It’s our hope that along with healthy lifestyle changes, you could experience months if not years of freedom from relentless pain and feeling trapped in your own body.

The problem with other supplements? Most companies don’t care to use natural ingredients (and safe production methods).

We’re not just different — we’re better. We formulate each bottle of Nerve Shield Plus for maximum quality and effectiveness. This requires four things most supplement brands can’t, or simply won’t, deliver:

Third Party Tested for Purity

Third-party testing is essential in the supplement industry. That’s because contaminants, plus unbalanced ratios of ingredients, may lead to an increased risk of toxicity. Without third party testing, you just don’t know if what you’re sold is actually inside the bottle.

Every bottle of Nerve Shield Plus gets tested in an objective laboratory. This ensures you’re not only getting the most effective solution available, but it’s also free of contaminants. Plus, it has the perfect ratio of active ingredients to deliver results.

Incomparable Price Per Dose

Once you experience the incredible benefits of Nerve Shield Plus, we know you’ll want to continue using it for a long time. To ensure you can do this without breaking the bank, our premium Thioctan Root supplement is available at an incomparable price per dose.

Plus, the other added ingredients all work together to help improve your nerve-health and soothe the root causes and the symptoms of your neuropathy. So don’t lose money every month on inferior solutions. Try Nerve Shield Plus today and experience the incredible benefits for yourself.


Get Your 30 Day Supply

We believe in guaranteeing our results and we want to make this purchase entirely risk free for you. That’s why if you try Nerve Shield Plus and don’t notice a difference in the first 180 days…

We’ll give you your money back, no questions asked! Plus, you don’t even have to go through the hassle of sending the bottles back.



I get Shots in my Shoulder every 4 months, as the pain up through my feet, neck. arms, ond hips, This Was Very and expensive. to give Nerve Shield a Shot so as SOM os the bottle gat here Started toking it the same day. 'O days, my Shoulder pain dissolved ond even went back to the gyn for the first time in years, I'm going to continue *Otkjng out but right already "Ong distances With zero pain - this giving me my life back. - Jeremy Randall
After my HMO refused physical therapyfor my jabbing pain in my legs, my feet, and my lower back, I had enough. They offered me no advice, nothing. The same week, I got my hands on a 90 day supply of Nerve Shield Plus, and it's already working faster than any creams, NSAlDs, or support braces I've tried! Plus, it's nice to save money and ditch the side effects. Needless to say, I'm getting the 6 month supply next. - Kristina Bowling
I became desperate for relief after my muscular weakness, joint aches, and stabbing pain spread past my lower body. I burned through several therapies, with nothing to show for it! My wife was very concerned about my spending too, yet I snuck in a 6 bottle order of Nerve Shield Plus anyway. 16 days later, I hopped on my mountain bike for the first time in years. Once my wife found out about this, she began fighting me for a couple bottles from the batch I ordered! - Sam Baskerville
Clean Ingredients
Science-Based Formulas
Real Results

The Nerve Shield Plus Ideology

We pride ourselves on being involved in all processes from research and development, to product release. That’s because we’re well aware of the manipulation and scams that plague the supplements industry. Using our 27 years of experience and resources, our mission is simple: bring you the highest quality product possible. That’s why Nerve Shield Plus was carefully and thoughtfully formulated with YOU in mind, every step of the way.